Hi, I’m Bill!

And I’ve helped over 7,000 men and women build successful bookkeeping businesses!

I actually run a very busy and very profitable bookkeeping business myself, which enables me to know the latest and greatest strategies for starting and growing bookkeeping businesses.

Night Terrors!

Believe it or not, bookkeeping is a fifth career for me! Prior to starting my bookkeeping business, I was the general manager of a fitness center. It was extremely stressful…although I didn’t realize exactly how stressful it was until my wife told me I was having night terrors! I was literally screaming out in my sleep in the middle of the night!

My Beautiful Family!

One day I was talking to the gym’s bookkeeper and I found out she was charging $3,000 per month to do the gym’s books while working from home and serving multiple clients! A light went off for me and I started looking into what exactly a bookkeeper was and what they did as I had no prior experience.

The more I learned about bookkeeping, the more I realized it was a real opportunity to own my own business while allowing me to make a great living and start a family with my wife.

Fast forward a couple of years and I had built a thriving, multiple six-figure bookkeeping business AND a new baby!

My Beautiful Family!

The First Student

The first person I ever helped start a bookkeeping business was a family friend who happened to be a single mother. Her husband had just left her and she was struggling to pay the bills. She had no bookkeeping experience but she did have the 2 most important qualities it takes to succeed: determination and a strong work ethic. I taught her exactly what I did to build my bookkeeping business and 3 months later, she quit her 9-5 job because her bookkeeping business was making her twice as much money!

I can’t put into words how rewarding it felt to be a part of her success. Bookkeeping literally changed her life. I knew how liberating it felt to own my own business, but when I saw the dramatic impact it had on my friends life, I discovered a passion for wanting to help others do the same thing.

Booming Bookkeeping Business Is Born!

By building the business of my dreams – and helping others build theirs – I discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t. Now I help people just like you to skip past the trial and error and fast forward to a successful bookkeeping business.

And because I own a busy bookkeeping business of my own, I know the most effective marketing strategies to get clients, as well as the latest technology we can use to deliver a quality and efficient bookkeeping service. To help ensure success, I limit the number of students in the program so that I can work closely with each and every one.

To date, I’ve helped more than 7,000 men and women in 6 countries:
● Make more money
● Spend more time with their families
● Travel more
● Secure their future
● Build a valuable business and a lasting asset

As Booming Bookkeeping Business has grown into the premier bookkeeping training program, I still work directly with every student. I love watching everyone get new clients, grow their businesses, and change their lives!

I look forward to working with you!